Birth Chart Reading Prices (PayPal)

Here is a full, comprehensive astrology chart reading list. I offer many different types of the same astrology reading, including relationship readings (especially love reading), money readings, career readings, compatibility readings, and full interpretations. The basic forms of birth chart readings are meant to help the buyers prioritize their wants and needs; there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars when you only want to hear a few things!

Soul Purpose Birth Chart Reading


The following readings can be combined in multiple different ways to suit the curiosities of the readers.

Relationship Compatibility Birth Chart / Synastry Chart


The following chart readings revolve around relationships, love, and compatibility. Relationship compatibility birth charts can be romantic, focused on family, or focused on friends. A synastry chart also focuses on multiple things. The synastry chart is for comparison of anything other than a relationship between two people. The possibilities are endless with a synastry chart; compare yourself to anyone or anything!

Horary Chart Reading

A Horary chart reading is similar to a psychic answer. When a question is asked, a Horary chart is calculated at that exact moment. In the Horary chart lies the actual question, other determining factors, and the actual answer to that question.

Astrology Reading Through Asteroids

A completely secondary planet and heavenly body based birth chart reading, an astrology reading based entirely on asteroids is the way to determine feminine energy in the native.

Informative Astrology Reading

These chart readings relay some information and give you the opportunity to keep or change the outcomes. Although it is typically hard to change an aspect of your life, free will does exist, and it lets you create your own “future”.


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