Transiting Venus Through the 12th House

Venus in the 12th House is an indicator of death for the preparation of rebirth.


Compatibility: Moon in the Houses (1-3)

The position of the Moon shows places of psychological compatibility. The House person typically comforts the Moon person with the tactics of that House. The Moon person typically remembers and relates to the House person on a psychological level.

Money Compatibility

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Money Compatibility: The Essential Dignities

The rulers and exaltations of Venus are quite excellent with handling money; although, the presence of afflictions in the chart through Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto­ associated with extreme riches or extreme poverty­ can throw off the balance. Venus is ruled in Libra and Taurus; it is exalted in Pisces by 27 degrees; the spiritual ruler, according to Esoteric Astrology, is Capricorn.

  • In Taurus, Venus is comfortable in the relaxed, sensual, and aesthetic type of way. When it comes to receiving money, Venus in Taurus is auspicious.
  • Venus in Libra is less focused on money itself. Instead, Venus in Libra enjoys the simplicity of living in itself; they receive money through others, especially from their partners.
  • Venus in Capricorn’s ambition is the source of their gain. In this placement, careers are very auspicious, and they typically have excellent relationships with their employers, co-workers, or employees. They create personal laws revolving around money, stabilizing the earning and spending processes.
  • Venus in Pisces is the most likely of its rulers to receive large sums of money. Its ancient rulership in Jupiter creates an extender quality within Venus, creating good luck and a sort of boundless fortune.

Money Incompatibility: The Accidental Dignities

Afflictions in the chart can make handling money even worse, resulting in poverty, debt, or constant misfortune with money. The 8th House rules debt, seeing as it is the money of others. Venus is detrimental in the opposite signs of its ruler, and it falls within the opposite sign of its exaltation. Detrimental signs for Venus include Aries and Scorpio; it falls within Virgo

  • In Aries, Venus spends money too readily, and its impulsive nature makes it hard to earn money as well. Venus in Aries will be in and out of jobs due to an aggressive nature, an inability to find peace within monetary gain.
  • Venus in Scorpio’s abilities to take money from others is destructive towards Venus’ need for peace. Because of this, Scorpio’s gaining tactics are unstable, and the solidity of their tactics is only as stable as those around them.
  • Venus in Virgo’s need for servitude is highly restricting when making or spending money. They lose money through overt charitable acts, serving without pay, or mass distribution of their own money.

The Individual Versus Influence

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The influence of the chart is often described from an individual standpoint. “A placement is THIS with no explanation.” However, it’s possible to determine where this influence came from, especially if you read it from the viewpoint of a child growing into their ego, individuality, social nature, achievements, and limitations.

This is why I often depict the sun and moon as the parents in my chart readings.

  • Sun – Individual nature found through the masculine parent
  • Moon – Relating nature found through the feminine parent
  • Saturn – Limitations brought by others
  • Jupiter – Unquestionable success brought by others

The sun can also be seen in others as random encouragements throughout the lifetime, which does not necessarily have to be through a parent.

The moon can also be seen in others as moments that connect two people on a deeper level than the ego, which does not necessarily have to be through a parent.

Saturn’s limitations can be seen as being ignored by others, discouraged, emotional destruction, and doubt.

Jupiter’s expansion can be seen as being encouraged by others, acknowledged, or given the opportunity to do something.

Moon Transits: The Moon in the Houses

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The Moon is one of the fastest moving celestial bodies throughout the natal chart. It insinuates a daily change, factoring in daily challenges that we come across. In the transits, the Moon rules the public eye and emotional reactions; it signifies internal events and changes that we may go through during its rotation. During the Moon’s transits through our Houses, we will experience emotions, either negative or positive, that are strong indicators as to whether we are on the right path. Experiencing stress during a certain transit strongly suggests that we feel unstable or uncomfortable with the particular path we’re on.  

When the Moon in the 1st House makes its rounds, it represents an emotional affiliation towards the self-image. The identity may experience emotional scenarios that result in its development. This is a self-centered placement, bringing an emotional need for social validation by those surrounding the native. During this time, the Moon in the 1st House native may experience extreme happiness or extreme sadness, depending on the health of the Moon. The Moon in the 1st House person may also experience a desire to “go home” or return to their roots in a physical way. They may revisit old hairstyles or clothing choices.

When the Moon in the 2nd House transit forms, the native may feel the in-depth need to create a family. These Moon in the 2nd House natives may experience anxiety, especially if the finances are not in check. The need for survival is projected into the very emotions, and an inability to take care of the self may lead the native into a depressive state. Emotional security depends greatly on the overall security of the Moon in the 2nd House transit native. Particularly emotional people during this time may proceed to overindulge themselves, and more worrying natives under an afflicted Moon will do the opposite.

Moon in the 3rd House transit indicates an ever-racing mind affiliated strongly with emotional input. This is a time to be full of thought and brainstorming creativity. The Moon in the 3rd House transit is an excellent time to communicate the needs to those surrounding the native. During this time, emotional motivation hits its peak; natives feel positive and ready to go! If a relationship with your siblings needs to be mended, then now is the best time to do it.

Moon in the 4th House transit is an excellent time to get in touch with where you came from. Natives feel a bit more homesick during this time, and it’s definitely a time for self-evaluation. Natives may feel the need to take better care of your surroundings and mentality. Being alone triggers a psychological evaluation and deep emotions, and the native may feel the need to strengthen the connection with their mother and other family members.

Moon in the 5th House transit creates a burst of creativity and motivation towards internal expression. Natives will begin to indulge in all sorts of arts, including music, literature, and any other thing considered self-expression. The Moon in the 5th House transit natives will begin to feel more connected to their ego; it’s likely that it will become harmed more easily, resulting in a depressive state. Natives also feel more romantic in the 5th House Moon, becoming more likely to attach themselves to one night stands or any sexual encounter. A need for closeness begins to plague the minds of those experiencing this transit, and they may begin to want children.

Moon in the 6th House transit become more receptive to affiliated bodily issues under stress. It’s important to keep a level head under this transit! An emotional need for a more healthy lifestyle begins to flood the mind of these natives. Having a stable routine during this transit results in stable emotions. However, the presence of instability may result in feelings of failure and depression. There is a strong need for these natives to take care of smaller things, including pets and small animals.

Moon in the 7th House transit presents the emotional need for a partner or marriage in cases of partnership. If the relationship is at an imbalance, it will be felt in the emotions.  Natives will feel the need to sew wounds shut and fully balance their emotional needs. Compromise in relationships is an important keyword during this transit. It’s easy for people in relationships under this transit to become stressed out.

Moon in the 8th House transit is the development of a need for secrecy and intimacy. Natives experience an internal transformation, depending on the other placements touching the Moon as well as the Sign. This is another money placement, but instead of receiving, the point revolves around a settlement. Any debts carried into the next House will result in extreme stress and bad karma. If the native is in an intimate relationship, then there is an extreme possessiveness of that person, an inability to let go and a fear of transformation in the relationship.

Moon in the 9th House transit creates a need to begin the path of higher knowledge. Relationships with teachers and students take an emotional turn, creating a bond alongside more effective learning. Natives may experience stress if they are not particularly “deep people” due to the need for self evaluation on a higher level. The thirst for knowledge inhabits the minds of Moon in the 9th House transit natives. Religious natives feel a stronger connection to their beliefs. Other natives will feel drawn towards emotional freedom.

Moon in the 10th House transit creates an emotional affiliation towards ambition. Natives will adapt a need to pursue emotionally satisfying goals. The emotional health of the native will begin to revolve around how others see them; a negative viewpoint results in negative emotions. The closer the native is toward pursuing their goals, the more strongly this particular transit affects them. This is an excellent time for the karma of good decision making to come around. 

Moon in the 11th House transit indicates a craving for something new. Much like the 9th House Moon, natives crave freedom of expression. People will wish to be understood on a deeper level by their peers during this transit. Natives also become more aware of societal struggles and the things going on around them. Emotionally healing connections and beginning new connections is recommended. 

Moon in the 12th House transits indicate a need to withdraw. Emotional privacy and solitude for processing is sought during this time. More spiritual needs are awoken, giving natives the opportunity to search more in depth for gradual understanding. Natives become more susceptible to depression and feelings of loneliness, especially when completely withdrawn.

Customer 12 August 8:30 – Love Reading Summary

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I was given permission to use this Birth Chart as an example of the difficulty in finding relationships. Venus is afflicted and its position in the 12th House creates quite a few difficulties with partners. This native, in particular, has issues with selfishness in relationships; he may seek more insecure partners to be the dominant one in the relationship. Although, his attraction to confidence and individualism, I suspected, would bring his undoing. Also, his emotional disconnection and inability to be mobile or change in a relationship.


Attracting Others:

  • Through a critical self-image
  • Through a healthy lifestyle
  • With a strong mentality
    • Weakened by a need to destroy or ignore emotions
    • Weakened by a lack of philosophical belief
    • Weakened by a craving for privacy and inability to think in crowds
  • And attention to detail

Very likely to be in a long distance relationship or in a relationship that leads to your undoing (especially incarceration or death). May be too critical of the appearances of his partners.

Potential Partners:

  • A private but confident partner
  • The potential lover has a high fashion sense and loves attention
  • An addicted partner
  • A dead or dying partner
  • The potential lover has high creativity and is individualistic
  • A foreign partner
  • The potential lover is sacrificial
  • An imaginary partner
  • A failed athlete
  • Potential partner may be a sex addict

Unlikely to be married successfully. Marriage is more of a fantasy than reality. Marriage will be like a leech, draining.

What to Gain From a Relationship:

  • Partners will be excellent at sex
  • Partners will help you escape
  • Partners will be sacrificial and selfless
  • Partners are the essence of spiritual guidance
  • Partners will be driven towards great wealth
    • Although the dreams may not become reality
  • Partners will love privacy and intimacy
  • Partner will be your sanctuary

Where to Find New Partners:

  • Online
  • In foreign places
  • In recreational environments
  • In places of education


Horary Reading: Pregnancy Complications

The question I received: Will there be any complications during my labour?

My answer:

I see your fear of death and restricted movement; don’t worry, it’ll be way more fortunate than you believe. In fact, baby looks perfectly healthy from here.

It’s complicated. I see issues with health; an imbalance in the stomach area. Movement in your abdomen will be restricted. Labour will occur longer than usual, and there may even be a need for a C-section. To me, it looks like there will be long-term suffering, especially if there was drug use during the pregnancy? But the complication or suffering looks like it’d affect you; in fact, the baby from this chart looks perfectly healthy. I only really see a problem with vocal expression. It may be a late crier, which scares quite a few people, but not every baby cries when it takes its first breath.