Bae and Me

CarrionCutie was created as a blog on Tumblr on June 2015. The blog was initially meant to document findings and basically “prove” astrology to ourselves, as we used to be quite skeptical and unbelieving. However, the idea of astrology blogs became a bit more popular than we expected (We created it around the time that the trend took off.), and in turn, our blog became quite popular as well.

Since then, we’ve acquired thousands of followers and adopted multiple forms of learning and teaching astrology, and we have renamed the blog Seraphic Seraphim on Tumblr and other platforms. There are currently two owners, one being the creator Destiny Vaughan; the other, a recent addition Will Martin. Together, we nurture the business, keeping it healthy and ongoing as they both learn the ins and outs of astrology itself as well as the beginnings of business ownership.

My name is Destiny, and I sell Birth Chart Readings. I have been an astrologer for years; although, I seriously delved into the practice over a year ago. Since then, I have come so far, and I even support myself with the different Birth Chart Readings and advice that I sell online. If you are a supporter of small businesses, then consider purchasing an authentic Birth Chart Reading! I try to make the experience personal and worth it; you won’t regret it! View the price for a Sample Birth Chart Reading!

Sample Birth Chart Reading


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