Compatibility: Moon in the Houses (1-3)

One form of Synastry involves taking one planet and applying that planet’s location to another person’s chart. Today, we’re discussing the location of the Moon in the Houses, which shows the significance of one person’s feelings and how it affects another person’s lifestyle. This form of compatibility has the potential to show mutual feelings in a relationship, or it can show a lack thereof. The position of the Moon in the Houses of both charts should be consulted in the heat of arguments, emotional disagreements, mixed feelings, and memories.

Take note that these descriptions are not Natal; they show the importance of one person’s Moon in another person’s House.

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Moon in the 1st House Synastry

This is a competitive placement. The Moon partner challenges the 1st House partner to develop as a person. They’ll bring forth a the psychological and emotional qualities of the 1st House person, making them more capable of expressing themselves towards the Moon person. The relationship gains emotional strength through movement, mutual challenges, and emotional/identity development. The 1st House person seeks validation through the Moon partner’s emotions; if they are distant or unemotional, then the 1st House person feels invalid and unimportant.

The Moon person feels attracted to the way that the 1st House person identifies. The Moon person will easily remember the way that the 1st House person expresses their individuality and the things that set them apart from others. In order to feel emotionally valid, the Moon person seeks physical stimulation, coming in forms of touching, feeling, sexual contact, etc.

Moon in the 2nd House Synastry

This is a placement of survival. The Moon partner seeks comforts, luxuries, and care from the 2nd House person; the 2nd House person’s interactions with the Moon are deeply comforting.  Both partners feel that the other is a sanctuary, a place of retreat for the one to take comfort in. Seclusion is the mutual place of comfort for the Moon person and the 2nd House person. The Moon person is incredibly interested in the history of the 2nd House person; this can include family lineage, the past of the 2nd House person, or their literal knowledge of historical events.

When money is tight, so is the relationship. An inability to provide for one another is the main basis of arguments and emotional disruption. It’s highly possible for the Moon person to play a huge role in the family of the 2nd House person. If the 2nd House person owns a family business or heirloom, it’s very likely for it to come into the mutual possession of the Moon person. On the downside, the 2nd House person may begin to ignore their family while in the relationship, causing marital and familial conflicts.

Moon in the 3rd House Synastry

This is a learning placement. The Moon person feels emotionally comforted by the 3rd House person’s form of communication. The 3rd House person understands how to “sweet talk” the emotions of the Moon person, which can be seen as manipulative or comforting. The communication in this Synastry placement is excellent; messages are easily understood. The Moon person is able to comfortably debate (or argue, depending on the Moon) their opinions, and a comfortable, constant conversation takes place between the two. A main problem for Moon in the 3rd House Synastry is the 3rd House person’s inability to truly process the emotions of the Moon person. Instead, emotions are rationalized, made logic, and even ignored at some points.

The Moon person easily makes friends with the 3rd House person’s siblings and connections. They feel connected to the 3rd House person’s siblings on an in-depth level. The Moon person remembers all interactions that occur, especially conversations. The mind of the 3rd House person is easily understood by the Moon. This leaves out room for any assumed ill intentions because of the natural understanding that occurs between the two. The Moon person will become attached to the childhood neighbors and neighborhood of the 3rd House person.

Conclusion to Moon in the First 3 Houses

Overall, the position of the Moon shows places of psychological compatibility. The House person typically comforts the Moon person with the tactics of that House. The Moon person typically remembers and relates to the House person on a psychological level. The more hidden and incompatible the House, the more likely for emotional incompatibility and psychological disruptions.


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