Money Compatibility

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Money Compatibility: The Essential Dignities

The rulers and exaltations of Venus are quite excellent with handling money; although, the presence of afflictions in the chart through Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto­ associated with extreme riches or extreme poverty­ can throw off the balance. Venus is ruled in Libra and Taurus; it is exalted in Pisces by 27 degrees; the spiritual ruler, according to Esoteric Astrology, is Capricorn.

  • In Taurus, Venus is comfortable in the relaxed, sensual, and aesthetic type of way. When it comes to receiving money, Venus in Taurus is auspicious.
  • Venus in Libra is less focused on money itself. Instead, Venus in Libra enjoys the simplicity of living in itself; they receive money through others, especially from their partners.
  • Venus in Capricorn’s ambition is the source of their gain. In this placement, careers are very auspicious, and they typically have excellent relationships with their employers, co-workers, or employees. They create personal laws revolving around money, stabilizing the earning and spending processes.
  • Venus in Pisces is the most likely of its rulers to receive large sums of money. Its ancient rulership in Jupiter creates an extender quality within Venus, creating good luck and a sort of boundless fortune.

Money Incompatibility: The Accidental Dignities

Afflictions in the chart can make handling money even worse, resulting in poverty, debt, or constant misfortune with money. The 8th House rules debt, seeing as it is the money of others. Venus is detrimental in the opposite signs of its ruler, and it falls within the opposite sign of its exaltation. Detrimental signs for Venus include Aries and Scorpio; it falls within Virgo

  • In Aries, Venus spends money too readily, and its impulsive nature makes it hard to earn money as well. Venus in Aries will be in and out of jobs due to an aggressive nature, an inability to find peace within monetary gain.
  • Venus in Scorpio’s abilities to take money from others is destructive towards Venus’ need for peace. Because of this, Scorpio’s gaining tactics are unstable, and the solidity of their tactics is only as stable as those around them.
  • Venus in Virgo’s need for servitude is highly restricting when making or spending money. They lose money through overt charitable acts, serving without pay, or mass distribution of their own money.

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