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Astrology is the study of the locations and movements of stars and planets and how the Zodiac and planets’ movement affect the personality, actions, outcomes, etc. My name is Destiny Vaughan; I am an astrologer. I provide information on many topics revolving around astrological patterns, horoscopes, and the Zodiac; also known as star divination.

Seraphic Seraphim is an astrology blog that revolves around basic, understandable teachings. Sadly, a majority of astrology blogs’ posts are so full of undertones and “surreal” reason, but these posts are targetted towards people with little to no understanding of astrology. This type of astrology post so obviously differs from the artistic astrologers, who have a very real understanding  of the archetypes. However, I am neither a surreal astrologer nor am I an artistic astrologer; I simply want to give you understandable facts.
Visitors may pay for a personal Birth Chart Reading, visit our Tumblr, or contact us for more information. A Birth Chart Reading may be requested in a contact form, and any information on the Zodiac, planets, or Horoscope may be obtained from our experienced astrologers to receive a very detailed explanation of how astrology affects you, the individual.


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